Leader in Medicine

Yelena Novik


As a medical oncologist who specializes in breast cancer, Dr. Novik provides care to women throughout all stages of cancer, assess and design prevention strategies for those who may be at risk for developing breast cancer, and counsel women who have completed treatment. Dr. Novik works closely with her patients to minimize the effects of their diagnosis and therapies on their quality of life, ensuring that they are maintaining and improving it both during and after treatment.

Perlmutter Cancer Center, offers quality and compassionate care, pioneering knowledge, and collaborative expertise in breast cancer. Dr. Novik’s patients receive 360-degree support from top-notch experts in all involved disciplines, including breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, psychologists, physical therapists, and gynecologists. They believe that a teamwork approach is crucial to achieving the best results in the timeliest manner.

Dr. Novik forms partnerships with her patients and their families. From the start of their first consultations, she is committed to providing people with the best support, knowledge, and expertise, always taking into consideration their diverse beliefs, lifestyles, and life plans.

The cancer care Dr. Novik provides is closely linked to clinical research—She is honored to be an active participant in clinical trials at Perlmutter Cancer Center. As a chair of one of NYU School of Medicine’s Institutional Review Boards, Dr. Novik is involved and invested in the ethical and effective conduct of clinical research at our institution.

Dr. Novik has enjoyed recognition from professional societies and has been selected by Super Doctors as a “New York Super Doctor.” Dr. Novik serves as a fellow for the American College of Physicians. However, the best rewards will forever be the smiles and hugs that Dr. Novik receives from her patients.

Source: NYU Langone

Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at NYU & Medical Oncologist at Perlmutter Cancer Center

  • As a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, Perlmutter Cancer Center performs cutting-edge research that improves treatments, outcomes, and quality of life for all patients.
  • Perlmutter Cancer Center’s clinical trials give patients access to the newest, most innovative therapies, allowing physicians to deliver the best treatments.

Source: Perlmutter Cancer Center