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Joseph Geskey


Joseph Geskey, DO/MBAThe current Vice President of Medical Affairs at OhioHealth Doctors Hospital, Dr. Joseph Geskey has been selected as one of “America’s Best Doctors” in Ohio for his 18 years within the healthcare industry, with contributions and expertise in Chronic Disease Management, treating patients who possess limited health literacy.

Dr. Geskey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from King’s College, an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, and a DO in Osteopathic Medicine from the University of New England. His major areas of study included Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, and was the first in his family to achieve a degree in higher education. Dr. Geskey took it upon himself to pursue a career in medicine after experiencing his father go through cancer, his cognitive functions declining as a result.

At Ohio Health, Dr. Geskey performs day to day quality treatments for the hospital’s clinical patients with deficient healthcare literacy, as well as working within internal medicine and pediatrics. Currently, he conducts nationally recognized in-home education visits for these same patients, reducing 30-day readmission rates for patients with COPD and CHF by 40 percent.

Professional associations which Dr. Geskey is a part of include The American College of Physicians, The American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Society of Hospital Medicine, and The American Association for Physician Leadership.

Dr. Geskey is making it a professional goal of his to continue developing national curriculum, and addressing his patients’ need for affordable care. He cites his marriage and fatherhood as personal achievements, and enjoys exercising and writing in his spare time.


Vice President of Medical Affairs at Ohio Health Doctors Hospital

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